Shop Policies as of January 2019


Group classes are offered on most Saturdays. Class fees will vary based on length of time involved and the level of skills being taught: some include supplies and some do not. Please visit our calendar to see a list of events.

Saturday mornings are for introductory lessons, and rotate between knitting and crochet. They are designed for those who have limited or no knowledge of the skill: starting from the beginning, returning to the craft after a long absence, or have tried before without the level of success you would like. These class fees include a ball of yarn and a set of needles or hook, and include help beyond the initial 2 hours of instruction as long as you are using that ball of yarn.

Saturday afternoons are for more advanced skills and projects, and are all “advanced beginner” unless otherwise noted. Our definition of Advanced Beginner is someone who knows how to cast on, knit, and purl for knitters; to chain, single crochet, and double crochet for crocheters. These are all skills taught in the 101 sessions in the morning. All other relevant skills will be taught in the appropriate afternoon class. The afternoon class fees generally cover only instruction, not yarn, pattern cost where applicable, and other supplies. We ask that you purchase anything you do not already have at Sun Dragon. The class fee does cover any instruction needed outside of class until you finish the project (two hours is usually not long enough to finish a piece).

Any class we teach can also be scheduled anytime for one-on-one attention. Tuesday-Friday are mostly open for this purpose.

Knit, crochet, and pattern assistance

Rebecca is available for help for $10 a session, ranging from quick drop-ins to an hour or more, or $30 for a week (from date of purchase). If it is your first time in the shop or requesting assistance for a quick fix, we may be able to offer free assistance “on the house.” It is strongly encouraged to make an appointment if you would like to sit down with her for more than 15 minutes.

Open Sit ‘n’ Stitch Times

Several times will be offered for open community knitting, crocheting, and other fiber arts.  Please join us for conversation and companionship! A $5 donation is suggested to help provide a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere complete with snacks and beverages, or if you can bring a food or beverage donation that is wonderful as well! Even if neither is possible, please do not let that stand in your way of spending time with us. Current schedule:

Tuesday Night Treasures: 6-9 pm

Wednesday Morning Wakeup: 10-12 am

Friday Night Feast: 6-9 pm

Sunday Afternoon Sharing: 1-4 pm (Seasonal, we are closed Sundays Christmas through Memorial Day)

If you need assistance from Rebecca during this time, the $10 charge will still be collected. Check with others at the table and see if they can assist first, we all want to help! We strongly recommend appointments for one-on-one help, as they also offer a more quiet, focused time.

Return Policy


Yarn Winding


Pattern Printing


Rewards Cards


Coupons and Discounts


Credit Card Minimums

Most items can be returned within 90 days in their original, undamaged packaging with receipt. 

Yarn can be returned within 30 days in original condition OR if the dye lot is still on store shelves.

All items that are approved for return may only be returned for store credit.

Wound yarn may not be returned, let us help you find a project for it!

We will always provide yarn winding for yarn bought in the shop free of charge, though depending on how busy we are, you may need to leave it with us and come back for it. Yarn you wish to have wound at a time other than when purchased will be wound at our first opportunity, which may not be at the time you bring it in. 

Yarn that is not bought here at Sun Dragon can be left to be wound for $1.00 per 100 yards or fraction thereof (For example, Miss Babs Yowza, at approximately 575 yards, would be $6).

Patterns that are bought at Sun Dragon or free with yarn purchase will be printed free of charge. All other printing of patterns (found free online or without yarn purchase) can be done here for $1.00 a page.

Dragon Dollars cards must be present at the time of purchase to receive stamps. If you do not have a card at time of purchase we can start you on a new card, or forego the stamps. We will always combine cards upon request, and once the card is filled can store rewards in our system, but cannot track stamps in our system before then.

Coupons such as the Ingles $5 off can only be used if the total purchase *before* tax meets the minimum (such as $25 for the Ingles coupon). Discounts cannot be combined, we will give you the higher discount of the two (15% mailer or 10% yarn of the week, you will receive 15% off your item).

If you are running a credit card for less than $5, we will add a $0.50 charge to cover fees we incur.