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Fix Your Mistakes Class $18 (Knit, Advanced Beginner/Intermediate)

Learn or improve your techniques for tinking and frogging (ways to back out your stitches), picking up dropped stitches, identifying problems, and more! We will work on sample swatches in class, and also feel free to bring in current projects you are working on if there are issues, we'll all learn from each other!

Prep work to do before class/supplies needed (please buy what you do not already have at Sun Dragon):

  • Please knit a "swatch" (not unlike a gauge swatch if you do those) before class. The weight of yarn does not matter, though I recommend worsted weight or heavier. Shoot for a 4"x4" square minimum, so at least 20 stitches in worsted weight. I recommend garter (knit every row) for half of it, and stockinette (knit one row, purl one row) for the second half. DO NOT CAST OFF, keep the sample on the needles so we can work and play with it. 
  • needles appropriate for the sample yarn you are using.
  • repair hooks if you have them, not necessary but helpful. we will provide some to try during the class

If you can't make this time, contact me to arrange a lesson at another time.


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