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Two-at-a-time Toe-up Socks $45 (Knit, Intermediate)

Socks are the cilantro of the knit world, most either love or avoid them. Many are daunted from even starting: thin yarn, many sections and terms (gusset, turning the heel, etc). Socks can be done from the cuff down, or the toe up, and everyone who loves to knit socks is particular about which they like best. Even the toe-up version has many different ways it can be done.

Toe-up, two-at-a-time are my favorite way to make socks, and here is why:

  • Toe-up means you can size them as you go: try them on to see when you want to start the heel!
  • Knitting both at the same time means they finish at the same time (no finishing one and saying, on no, I have to make another one still?)
  • Knitting both at the same time means they come out the same size, you don't have to count rows on one to make sure the second is the same size
  • Using one skein of yarn, you can ensure you won't run out of yarn. Cast off when you are almost out of yarn, your cuffs are the same height, rather than 'I need to buy another skein for one more inch of cuff on my second sock!'

The class fee pays for the 2 hour starter session, and help at any of the follow-up sessions to continue work on the sock. One follow-up session will be August 11 at 4, but help is available any time you need it (scheduling a time is recommended). 

PRE-REQUISITES: I have found it is helpful if you have knowledge of 1-2 of the following 3 items that can be taught in the class. If you are learning all three at once, this can be a more challenging class:

  • Working with fingering/sock weight yarn
  • Knowledge of the magic loop method of working in the round
  • Knowledge of how to do short rows (regular or German. I prefer the German method, if you know the regular method, I can print the pattern using that method or teach you the German method).

Supplies (not included with price of class, please buy needed supplies at Sun Dragon):

  • Approximately 400-450 yards of fingering weight yarn (a 100 gram skein should be enough unless you want longer cuffs)
  • Size 2.5 (3 mm) 40" circular needles for magic loop.
  • Stitch markers

**If you are using your own yarn, it is helpful to divide the yarn in half before you arrive into 2 balls or cakes. If you are purchasing the yarn at Sun Dragon, please arrive early so we can divide your yarn for you.**

If you can't make this time, contact me to arrange a lesson at another time.


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